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If you want to attract and retain customers in a competitive market, you need to offer something extra to stand out from the competition.

With SuperDatahub you can engage with your customers by offering them the chance to finally take control of their power consumption. You can give them a cloud-based self-service tool where they can analyse their own spending, understand their usage patterns and monitor their consumption. At the same time, you’ll be driving customer retention by offering them a level of information and control that they cannot get with your competitors.

All the infrastructure is in the cloud and everything is done within the customer’s web browser through an intuitive and simple user interface, so there are no hidden costs to your or the customer, and no additional software for them to download.

You can also use SuperDataHub as a tool to improve your own Business Intelligence. Upload the smart meter data you collect to SuperDataHub and you will be able to analyse and access visual usage data on demand. You can unlock the hidden potential of this valuable information, easily sharing reports with colleagues and other stakeholders.

Whether you want to develop new and innovative pricing models or just understand where to direct your marketing resources, SuperDataHub will give you the ability to make informed decisions, based on real data.

Cloud BI for Utilities