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With SuperDataHub, health providers can collaborate on the state of health within the wider community. Larger organisations can merge and blend data from other organisations as a means to better understand the big picture of illnesses within the community. Outside research organisations are demanding more and more transparency and accountability and SuperDataHub gives you the capability to provide highly confidential information in a secure and safe platform.

With SuperDataHub, the healthcare industry can be more proactive in providing vital information to health sector researchers and ensure they are capable of providing Evidence-Based Medicine. SuperDataHub will give providers the capability to integrate and analyse business intelligence data across healthcare and hospital systems by taking a more collaborative approach.

SuperDataHub delivers true self-service Business Intelligence that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making. While SuperDataHub can be applied to practically any business area, the top solutions for healthcare providers highlight some of the most common areas SuperDataHub is deployed across hospitals, clinics, home care, hospice, and surgical facilities.

Being a Cloud-based Self-Service system, SuperDataHub allows you to deliver real operational cost savings with regard to infrastructure, data storage and security and by freeing up IT resources and Administrative time. There is also the ability to understand the Patient experience by maintaining a patient census where a full analysis of each Patient can show areas of concern and areas for improvement. SuperDataHub will show areas of strength within the organisation and areas of weakness to empower you to make knowledge-based decisions and improve the efficiency of the entire organisation.

SuperDataHub removes the barriers to providing better, well-informed, healthcare by giving you access to critical patient data in terms of demography, socioeconomic status, disease states, medications and care plans. With SuperDataHub you can easily share this information among all stakeholders empowering them to make the right decisions for better patient and organisational outcomes. And don’t forget the vital role of researchers and clinicians who can analyse the data to recognise patterns leading to solid conclusions about the state of the nation’s health.

Cloud BI for the Healthcare Industry