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SuperDataHubEducational institutions recognise the value and importance of monitoring and analysing student performance from pre-school through university and vocational education.

As such, more and more data is being generated, which leads to challenges in efficiently managing, fully leveraging, and safely protecting large data sets.

SuperDataHub is the perfect business intelligence tool to improve data management and accessibility across the entire organization.

Types of educational data include:

  • Individual performance/reports
  • Institution performance metrics
  • Course enrolments
  • Educational funding data
  • School enrolment demographics

The challenge for educational institutions is to find cost effective and innovative ways to organise, use and share this information to improve services.

Educational institutions also need to find a way to protect individual privacy and maintain confidentiality.


Web Dissemination

The SuperDataHub web data dissemination solution puts users in the driver’s seat, by offering unparalleled flexibility in table construction and manipulation.

Data can be visualized as a variety of chart types to explore relationships. As an out-of-the-box solution, SuperDataHub plugs neatly into existing school and other educational institution websites and requires no configuration as it is a cloud based solution.

SuperDataHub EducationSome of the benefits of SuperDataHub include:

  • Improved information available to schools and the public
  • Improved efficiencies in the administration of student performance
  • Less demand for school administration to answer basic public inquiries
  • More transparency in institution performance metrics
  • Reduced delays in the flow of information between school departments
  • Improved flow of information between school districts on enrolment figures
  • Increased ability to make informed decisions on policy, programs and budget
  • Easy to use interfaces with no programming required
  • Makes the most granular of data more readily and widely available to all users
  • Single source of data facilitates more efficient and effective analysis
  • Greater data integrity by eliminating the need to query separate repositories
  • Improved ability to view historical data and track a cohort over time for trend monitoring and analysis


Cloud-Based Management and Control

No more deploying and managing individual client applications and data within your organisation. There’s just one copy on the central cloud-based server. This means reduced spending on technology infrastructure plus the users have immediate access to the newest features.


Explore, Build and Visualise… In the Cloud

SuperDataHub is a poweful internet-based analysis tool, enabling you to:

  • Explore: nominate your data set
  • Build: use a query to subset
  • Visualise: tabulate or graph it

And all done within your browser.