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New To SuperDataHub? Start Here

New to SuperDataHub? Read this first to help you get started.

Explore, Build and Visualise

Learn how to use the menus to explore, build and visualise your data.

Recode Fields on the Fly

With SuperDataHub you can easily redefine (or “recode”) fields to see exactly what you want in your table. Learn more about recodes.

Export and Share Tables and Charts

Learn more about exporting your tables and charts, and creating shareable links.

Use Your Own Data

With our subscription plans you can upload your own data to SuperDataHub. Learn more about data uploads.

Create Dynamic Reports

With our subscription plans you can create dynamic reports and share them with the world. Learn more about dynamic reports.


Looking for reference information? Learn more about what the SuperDataHub icons mean, or what to do if you are experiencing problems.

Developer APIs

Interested in building your own application on top of SuperDataHub?

Read about what you can do with the developer APIs here, then contact us to learn more.