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These additional features are available with our subscription packages.

CSV Uploads

With our subscription packages, you can upload your own data to SuperDataHub for analysis.

Before you can upload your data, it is important to prepare your file so that it is in a suitable format for uploading to SuperDataHub. Learn more about the file format requirements.

Our standard package limits the size of the file you can upload. If you need to upload a larger dataset, then we can support this for an additional charge. See the pricing page for more information.

Upload Data

Read the User Guide to learn more about the Data Uploads feature.

Dynamic Reports

SuperDataHub will allow you to generate a report from the current set of active visualisations. When creating your report, you can set the default height for the individual visualisations and the report title.

You can also optionally choose a filter field. This is a field that will be displayed in the report itself, and report viewers can use it to filter the data that is displayed in the report. For example, you might want to filter on a geographical field, allowing users to choose to display data for a specific city only.

When the user viewing the report changes the filter field value, the visualisations automatically update. Both hierarchical and non-hierarchical fields are supported, although you can only select to filter based on a single value within the field; multiple value filters are not available.

Dynamic Reports

Read the User Guide to learn more about the Dynamic Reports feature.