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Up To Date

Business and Census Data

  • Information from the ABS and other stats agencies
  • Direct, 24/7 access to current data

Instead of a frozen snapshot, you now have direct access to official government statistics sourced directly from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other government, private/commercial statistics providers. All in one place and ready to analyse. If your input is more current, then so to is your output.


Cloud-Based Management and Control

  • Cloud-based management and control – lower costs; lower support demands
  • Flexible access – users can work with data without being stuck at their desktop

No more deploying and managing individual client applications and data within your organisation. There’s just one copy on the central cloud-based server. This means reduced spending on technology infrastructure plus we take care of all the upgrades so you don’t have to worry about a thing – users always have immediate access to the newest features.

Enhanced and Flexible Charting

Enhanced and Flexible Charting

  • Enhanced, flexible charting – choose how you represent your data with a single click

Not only is your data more up to date, you can choose from a wide range of chart formats. A really powerful feature is the ability to display multiple charts on the same screen and even freeze some of them, so making them independent of any changes to your query. Very useful for comparisons.

Share the Benefits

Share your Visualisations; Share the Benefits

  • Simple sharing – via embedding or permalinks – making collaboration easy.

Once you have created your chart, you can easily download it and share it with others online through a web browser. You can even publish it to a website or blog.

Browser-based Interface

Intuitive Browser Interface

  • Intuitive browser interface – all the easy to use features, no special training needed.

In the 21st century, the web browser has become the standard way in which we access our information. A modern, cloud-based application should support drag-and-drop, smart refresh and crisp, clean design. And we do.

Help at your fingertips

Contextual Help, Tutorials and Online Support at your Fingertips

  • Instant know-how – help, tutorials and online support at your fingertips.

Effective and task-oriented assistance is available. Popups and tutorials further enhance the ease-of-use.

Easy Access To Official Pre-Loaded Government Datasets:

  • ABS Labor force Statistics
  • ABS Population & Demographics
  • ABS Motor Vehicle Census
  • ABS Motor Vehicle Registrations
  • ABS Building & Construction Data
  • ABS Migration Data
  • ABS 2011 Family Profile Census
  • ABS Retail Banking Statistics
  • ABS Year Books and other Multi Subject Products
  • American Community Survey Census (coming soon)