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The only online tool you need for big data analysis

Whatever kind of data you’re using, whether census and population statistics, community survey data, or labour force and migration numbers, its value only becomes apparent when the data is analysed to offer new insights.

The value of that data has often been hard to unlock. Not everyone has the time or technical skills to perform advanced analysis on raw data from multiple sources.

Now, with SuperDataHub, anyone can unlock the value of big data. All you need is a web browser.

SuperDataHub puts an extraordinary depth of understanding and insight in the hands of all users, without the need for any special expertise.

You can combine data from multiple sources to give more accurate, easily reached results. And because new understanding often prompts new questions, SuperDataHub allows you to adjust your query on-the-fly, building on the answers you uncover without having to start from scratch every time. Results are represented in a choice of visualisation options, chosen by simple point-and-click.

We believe users should not sacrifice functionality in favour of flexibility. With SuperDataHub, there’s no need to compromise.



All the available data sets are right there in the tool ready for you to start exploring. SuperDataHub already includes official Australian census data such as Building and Construction, Demographics, Vehicle Registrations, Population Estimates and much more.

Select a data set from the list, or use the search feature to find the fields that you are interested in.


Use Your Own Data

Can’t find what you are looking for? With any of our subscription plans you can quickly and easily upload your own data and start exploring it with SuperDataHub.

Looking for a public data set? We are regularly adding new data sets, but if the information you need isn’t already in SuperDataHub, talk to our customer service team today about sourcing and, if necessary, hosting the data that you need.



Drag and drop the fields you are interested in to build your query – SuperDataHub automatically builds your table.

Drill down into the hierarchies and select the values you are interested in, then watch as SuperDataHub dynamically and automatically updates your tables and charts.



Create stunning visualisations with a single click. You can choose from a wide variety of chart formats and even display multiple charts on the same screen.

Change your query and your charts will dynamically update on the fly. Or you can choose to freeze some of your charts to visualise and compare the results of multiple queries side by side.



We believe that sharing is important, so we’ve made it easy.

Once you’ve created your charts, you can easily download them to use in a report or create a link that you can share on your website or post to social media. You can even combine any number of charts into a dynamic report with a single URL that you can share with the world.

Try it now! Click one of the links below to experience how easy it is to share your insights with the world:

Help Is At Hand

Help At Your Fingertips

We’ve tried to make SuperDataHub as simple and intuitive as possible. But if you get stuck, help is just a click away. There’s context sensitive task-oriented assistance right there where you need it, and a comprehensive online user guide that explains everything you need to know.