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SuperDataHub is powered by SuperSTAR from Space-Time Research. Thanks to its sheer ability to handle big data, SuperSTAR has become the preferred data analysis solution for many of the world’s leading organisations.

At Space-Time Research, we have over 25 years’ experience in software development creating tools that change the way people explore, build and share information. Our software makes the process simple, secure, and rich in meaningful insights.

We have a large portfolio of customers, including most of the world’s major statistical agencies and many leading commercial organisations.

Our Technology

The power behind SuperDataHub comes from the SuperSTAR platform. SuperSTAR offers rapid, multi-dimension manipulation of enormous data volumes. Our software is designed to provide experts such as data scientists and statisticians with advanced statistical analysis tools and options, while at the same time being so easy to use that anyone can find the information they need – the cornerstone of true open data.

Our other products include SuperTABLE, SuperCROSS, and SuperWEB2.

Learn more about Space-Time Research at www.spacetimeresearch.com